Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.
(Psalm 35:27)


Walking in faith, spreading the Gospel, helping the poor, giving to God’s work, and obeying whatever the Holy Spirit tells you to do…these are all “righteous causes” that please God. When you make them a priority in your own life, you will have abundant joy. You will start off each day declaring, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it.”

The Scriptures are filled with admonitions to “praise the Lord!” Being joyful makes you feel good no matter what you’re going through. And, the joy of the Lord gives you strength. Magnify His greatness and He will bring increase and prosperity into your life. It is God’s will that you prosper, “Beloved, I pray that in every way you may succeed and prosper and be in good health [physically], just as [I know] your soul prospers [spiritually]” (3 John 2 AMP).

God’s will is for you to prosper spiritually, physically, financially, and in every area of your life, In fact, He takes pleasure in your prosperity! If you’re not seeing this in your own life, start confessing Psalm 35:27 and believe this word is for you! Faith requires corresponding action. As you favor God’s righteous causes, you will experience God’s prosperity.


Lord, Thank you that it is Your will for me to prosper in (name an area where you are struggling; i.e., health, family, business, finances). You are the mighty God of heaven! I magnify your greatness and Your wonderful promises to man. I believe You will increase me and take pleasure in my prosperity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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