Likewise, the Spirit helps us in our weaknesses, for we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. (Romans 8:26 MEV))


Now we’ve been letting the fear of death run over us—but it’s a lie! Some say that God is the One that caused a person’s death prematurely or that He sent a tornado or made somebody sick. These lies are exactly what the devil wants us to believe. See, that’s one of the ways the devil gets in—when we give in to fear! Fear opens the door to satan like faith opens the door to God.

If you don’t know how to combat fear or pray for the situation that’s causing the fear, pray in the Holy Ghost. He’s your Intercessor. If you don’t know what you should pray for, the Holy Ghost on the inside of you will pray through your spirit in a heavenly language that the devil doesn’t understand or know what He’s saying! (See Romans 8:26.) 

Saints, I’m saying this because we’ve got to stop the fear. The enemy has been controlling people, even people in the Church, through fear. The devil controls people in their health, relationships, finances and jobs. Some folks are at a job they can’t stand, but they go to work every day out of fear of losing their job or that they can’t get another job. It’s bondage. I’m telling you, folks, we’ve got to step away from that. Now, I’m not saying go out and quit your job. You’ve got to get rid of fear, get strong in your faith, and hear from God.


Dear God, I decree that the devil will no longer control me with fear. I will not believe his lies. God is for me and He will work out my situation (describe what you want God to do for you.) I believe I receive the victory! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

This devotional is excerpted from Dr. Bill Winston’s book, Redeemed from Death. To order this uplifting book, click here.

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