A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
(Proverbs 13:22)


There is provision that has been lying there, and even when God tells us to do something, we look at it and we begin to look at the cost. We bring the cost of this thing down, down, down until we can reasonably figure out how we can work for it or how we can get enough people together to make it happen.

Leave it alone! We need to receive what God tells us He’s going to do on the level that He gave it to us.

I’m saying that God is lavish. He is extravagant. Your desire for nice things didn’t come from you. It is the nature of God in you. Look around the throne of God! There is nothing cheap around there. There is gold. There are diamonds. I’m saying it’s time for heaven to come to earth. Now, for you to receive it, you cannot appeal to your senses. Because senses always bring human limitations and you must go beyond your human limitations.

Why? God wants you to receive it by grace through faith. Remember, you can’t pay for anything that comes out of heaven. God’s plan for the Church is not for us to hoard things as some people have done in the world, but to be distribution centers for God to eradicate systemic poverty in the world.

Are you ready to receive God’s extravagant blessings that He’s stored up for you?


Dear Lord, I am believing You for (Name something you have been praying about.). Thank you for Your extravagant blessing, and help me to recognize Your provision. I declare right now that I will no longer limit You with small thinking, but rather, I receive what You tell me You’re going to do on the level that You give it to me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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