My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: (Hosea 4:6)


We are God’s people. We have the kingdom in us, but we can still be destroyed if we don’t have knowledge of the kingdom. We need revelation in order to bring heaven to earth.

The kingdom of God is a spiritual operation that overtakes the natural system, which is the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of darkness is established on fear and deception. Satan is just a bully who scares people with his words. He’s like the guy in the schoolyard listing people he’ll whip. 

With a revelation of the kingdom, we will be the ones who say, “Hey, I heard you’ve got all the names of all the people that you can whip. Well, you can’t whip me.” Then, he’ll say, “Well, I’ll take it off then,” and he’ll take our names right off that list.

You have to challenge the devil with the Word of God, the name of Jesus, and the knowledge of the kingdom—no matter what you’re facing. Under the pressures of this world’s system, we may be struggling with rent or car notes. However, with the knowledge of the kingdom, we can get the struggle out of our lives. When we operate in God’s system, there is more than enough for us. The kingdom has enough to take away the struggle. The kingdom allows us to live as though we were already in heaven.


Lord, I receive Your knowledge to live in the kingdom of God. I will not fear or be deceived by satan’s kingdom of darkness. I operate in God’s system and there is more than enough to meet all of my needs. The struggle is gone! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

This devotional is excerpted from Bill Winston’s enlightening book, The Kingdom of God in You. To order this 240-page. power-packed book, click here.