Do not be like them (unbelievers), for your Father knows what things you have need of before you ask Him.
(Matthew 6:8 MEV)


The first principle of God’s kingdom that we need to understand is that God is not moved by our need. God knows what we need, but we must still ask Him. We must do something to have our needs met. If we don’t do our part, God will not move on our behalf. There are many examples of this. In some parts of India, Africa, Haiti, and all over the world, people are starving to death. Why isn’t God moving? It’s because He is not moved by need.

The thing that moves God is faith. He designed His kingdom to work by faith in Him. We need faith to receive Him when we are born again and then to receive from Him from that point on. It’s not that God is mean. It’s that He has set up His kingdom based on His wisdom, and we have to work within the principles of His kingdom.

We don’t have to go one more minute without our needs being met. God meets our needs through our seeds of faith in Him and His Word. He doesn’t want us to figure out how to meet our need by the flesh or our carnal thinking. He wants to meet our need and give us the revelation of it in the Spirit. Then, every time our needs are met, He is glorified!


Dear God, You know what my needs are even before I ask. Lead me by Your Spirit to the promises in Your Word that cover my need (name your need). Through meditating Your Word, I believe I receive the faith that will bring to pass the answer to my need. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.